Monday, September 5, 2011


Walking the streets of Lisbon, through steep and winding urban hills and valleys, one may be in need of a coffee break. Bright hexagonal cafes topped with peaked roofs are dotted throughout the city as a haven, the perfect place to stop called the quiosque. The concept is simple and convenient: the structures function as tiny freestanding espresso bars, most notably located in parks, yet also along the riverfront and on various street corners. One can grab an espresso and pastel de Belem any time of day, since they are open late into the evening.











3 Responses to “THE QUIOSQUE”

  1. G Sep 30, 2011

    gREAT BLOgGING…You should go out of Lisbon and discover some old Cafés all over the country :) take the train to TOMAR and enjoy Café Paraíso (100 years old this year)

  2. Ego Dec 28, 2011

    Hi there, i just discovered your blog today. I fel in love the moment I saw it. I also love my coffee and, I am portuguese. Here we do love our coffee. It is natural to us. Like americans say “do you want to go out?” we ask “queres ir tomar um café?” (do you want to go for a coffee, it is the tranlation).

    Besides the “quiosques” we have truly inspiring coffee houses (the we jus call then cafés) and legendary for some reason.

    Well, I`ll stop talking about the portuguese coffe. I`ll just say we love it. I love it. I drank 5 or 6 in a day. This year in May i went to NYC and besides starbucks (and even so) I dont find out any good coffe til the last day, a tiny dutch place were the sell expresso. An amazing expresso. I was Heaven!

    Have fun

  3. […] not modern, boxy newsstand-type places, these are cool, ornate turn-of-last-century (or earlier) ironwork masterpieces called quiosques (kiosks). Quiosques typically serve an array of snacks, coffee drinks, juices, and […]