Monday, February 1, 2016


I’m very excited to relaunch The Coffee Experiment; the composition of the new website better reflects my writing and the original idea that sparked this project. You will notice a new menu to the left, which are the new focuses of The Coffee Experiment: Conversations, Travel, Design, and Coffee 101.

I was always more interested in the social aspect of coffee — the way that it universally brings people together — than the coffee itself. CONVERSATIONS will focus on the people I have coffee with. The TRAVEL section will be a place I can write about travel, both coffee related and otherwise. I spend much of my time in coffee shops, writing, meeting people, or simply being. I am very inspired by the design of coffee spaces, the way they can be artful, while also serving as the gathering spaces for communities. Thus, the DESIGN section will focus on the architecture of coffee spaces, in every form. I still love to drink good coffee; COFFEE 101 will remain a place to write about coffee drinks and brewing methods that I enjoy.



  1. Steve Marsh Feb 02, 2016

    So I had a delicious iced coffee mocha today, and I was thinking about how much I was enjoying it, and I thought about you and The Coffee Experiment and decided to look you/it up…and I came across an absolutely brilliant article on your trip to Havana….all I can say is “Wow!!!”…beautifully written, making me feel as if I was there with you and your friend – both the discomfort at sometimes not knowing where I was/you were and also enjoying the special moments of discovery…
    Keep up the great work – and hope you’re well!
    Steve Marsh/Dr. Marsh
    P.S. The “contact” icon wasn’t working, so I used this…

  2. Jenny Feb 06, 2016

    Hi! I bought yesterday The Kinfolk -book from Norway Hamar city and found your page from there! You have nice and interesting pages! Kind regards, Jenny