Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In essence, the cortado is the Spanish lovechild of a macchiato and a cappuccino. It’s really all about the ratio; the milk is used to cut the acidity of the espresso, but not overpower. The espresso comes through to balance the milk, which is steamed more like a latte, with little-to-no foam. The milk is steamed at a lesser temperature as well, and it is served in a 5 to 7 oz. glass rather than ceramic.

On your next trip to the cafe, order a cortado (La Colombe makes an amazing one).

2 Responses to “COFFEE 101 – THE CORTADO”

  1. beka Jun 01, 2011

    <3 finding your site was an amazing accident…
    i need to try a cortado sometime!
    pretty darn inspiring:)

  2. […] new resident of the neighborhood, I wandered in one lazy morning and ordered my regular morning cortado; Sasha made it perfectly using Stumptown’s Hair Bender espresso, the milk steamed just right; […]