Friday, October 11, 2013


Kinfolk is an aesthetics-driven quarterly magazine created by Nathan and Katie Williams.  Without pretense (or advertisements!), the magazine strives to encourage people to come together and connect over art, food, and living in its purest forms.  They have put together a gorgeous cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, full of inspiring people and their personal recipes.  I am so honored that Kinfolk asked me to be a part of this timeless book, and that I could use this platform to pay homage to my amazing grandmother; I myself will be referencing these recipes in my kitchen for years to come.

You can purchase it at your local bookstore Monday, October 15th.  You can order it online here.

4 Responses to “THE KINFOLK TABLE”

  1. Sarah Jaihe Lee Oct 17, 2013

    I found this book at my nearby Barnes & Nobles and fell in love. I found your blog through this book! I’m very glad I did.

  2. Stephanie Chandler Feb 12, 2014

    I also stumbled into your blog because of your featured recipe in The Kinfolk Table. My husband has a way of gifting me with new things he knows I will enjoy, and this snowy North Carolina afternoon (a rare occurrence here in the South!) gave me space and time to wander through the book in search of inspiration. I was thrilled at the prospect of your blog project, as I am in love with everything that coffee does to inspire individuals and gatherings in all places and all generations. It’s a quirky passion of mine, and is often misunderstood in this town we live in that only houses starbucks, but I don’t mind driving the necessary distances to scope out some new local roast-house and my husband complies to be my side-kick as I sip and savor my discovered treasure. Your blog is an exciting encouragement to my love for coffee, and at least now I feel as if I’m not alone in that love. Thanks for sharing your insights and discoveries with the rest of us.

    • tce — Feb 19, 2014

      Such a wonderful and kind message, Stephanie! Thank you for lighting up my day. xx

  3. mincho Park Mar 06, 2014

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